As the anticipation of meeting builds, I put great effort and a lot of thought into creating an unforgettable experience for both of us. After the screening process is complete and I’ve reserved the requested time for you I ask that you confirm with me via text or phone 1 to 2 hours before our date. I understand that things happen and unforeseen circumstances may cause your plans to change. Should this be the case please be a gentleman and let me know in advance.

Upon arrival please place my gift in an plain, unsealed envelope in clear sight. Please be sure of its accuracy as I will not discuss the envelopes contents in any way.

It takes two to tango. That being said, competing with an electronic device for your attention is not my idea of a good time. If it looks like you won’t be able to ‘unplug’ during our time together I will just ask you to leave.

  • Proper screening is required for ALL new friends, NO exception.
  • My usual availability is, Monday thru Friday, 12 noon and after.
  • Should you not show for our confirmed booking I will not allow you to schedule time with me again.
  • Outcall bookings may incur an additional expense for transportation.
Duration Package Donation
1 Hour Prelude $800
1.5 Hours Revel $1200
2 Hours Proper Introduction $1600
3 Hours An Overture $2200
4 Hours A Haute Date $3000
Day The Excursion $4200

Each additional hour = $700

I’ve always understood the rationale of not choosing to spend time with a “clock watcher”. I too find it disappointing to get lost in the moment with someone who I only have a short time with. The many nuances of the human character are the best reasons to meet someone new. With that in mind, I strongly suggest our initial introduction be at least 2 hours.

My monetary gift is not based on what others request or related to the current market. My rate is a sincere reflection of what I believe my personal time is worth. I’m well aware that in a space flooded with mediocrity, I’m a wildly unique offering. Therefore, neither negotiating rates nor requests for an exchange of services will ever be entertained.

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